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    Driver Easy is a truly helpful and safe driver tool. Note: Driver Restore is a driver update service that will scan your computer for suitable drivers and provide them in an easy, convenient method. Though not as slim as the name suggests, the new My Passport Slim is compact and handsome. Is there anyone out there have solution for this. Right click the newly activated partition and change the drive Letter Path as your desired drive letter assignment. This is because the drive has everything else: fast performance, large storage space, and helpful bundled software. Dropping included, you have several kinds of issues that arise that can cause a drive not to read. Never trust important data to just one drive intern. I am having the same problem. Thus make sure to update its driver to solve the issue. Tried it with 3 computers - same symptom. Well a new day and guess what. Why that is I don't know. Device driver for my passport ultra Problems Can Corrupt Drivers Cause. I will retry this when I receive the new cable. He's talking about a "wall wart" or "power brick" that plugs into a devixe socket and has a 12 v. Drive sounded like it was working but was "clicking softly". passprt After the format, I am now using the external drive as storage once again. I guess you are referring to a 3. Here's how to open Disk Management:. Corrupted or outdated ulfra often create file errors, communication problems, or hardware malfunction in Windows. However, in my case the solution was odd. Would you like to participate? However, in my case the solution was odd.

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