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    Retrieved September 2, 2014. Driver is set in an undetermined time possibly in the late 70's in four major cities in the United States: Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, yoj a secret city. Whedlman Tanner's return, Rufus is shot by his girlfriend Jesse and Tanner chases her as she tries to escape in a monorail. Learn more, including about available controls:. It will have the first multiplayer that driver: you are the wheelman. dricer July 2013 The game is played out in four cities:,andeach of which remain only partially faithful to the actual city layouts. Please by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Retrieved September 2, 2014. driver you are wheelman Retrieved September 2, 2014. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. Driver features elements of driving and racing games along with sandbox gameplay, allowing the player to drive freely in all the game's cities. Retrieved November 18, 2014. If the player takes the cab, the main ending mission occurs, destroying four of Granger's Gang's cars before they reach Castaldi. Developed and published bythe original plot and structure were left intact, but the graphics were enhanced, the music was re-done, and was wheleman for the. Tanner begins his job in Los Angeles by either stealing a cop car for Castaldi's associates in order for future jobs or picking up an associate called Lucky and taking him to an assassination. The missions have different elements to give the basic formula a bit more variety. Archived from on November driver you are wheelman, 2014. Archived from on June 4, 2011. Retrieved July 21, 2013. It was released in Europe on June 25, 1999 ; in North America on June 30; and in Japan on March 9, 2000. After Leck tells Tanner that McKenzie wants him out, he either brings a cab home for further jobs in the city or destroys Granger's main car. If Tanner got the negatives, then Tanner's lady friend, Ali, will call for help and Tanner has to bail her out of a situation. Archived from on March 16, 2005. If Tanner completes this mission or goes for the main ending then the final mission starts where Tanner learns that the hit is on the President of the United States. July 2013 The game is wheelamn out in four cities:,andeach of which remain only partially faithful to the actual city layouts. It was the country's 42nd best-selling computer game between January 2000 and August 2006. Retrieved September 2, 2014. Getting T-boned by another car at uou intersection can mean bad news to the status of your vehicle. Retrieved July 21, 2013. In the Game Boy Color version, San Francisco is removed.

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